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List of IT courses in Moldova

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IT Summer Camp for 5-17 year olds We help children gain IT skills needed for school performance and a successful career
After just 3 months of training, the teen will be able to programme well enough to enter the job market and freelance.
Children will learn how to create 3D games, control a virtual robot, create mobile apps and their own designs.
Children will learn how to create 2D and 3D games, websites on the Tilda builder and their own designs
Children learn how to programme robots, understand basic computer programs and use the keyboard intelligently
After just 3 months of training, the teen will be able to programme well enough to enter the job market and freelance.
Students will learn to create mobile phone apps, websites, 2D and 3D games.
You too are tired of deadlines burning because of design, it's hard to control the design team, it's even harder to convince the customer, and you don't know how to make prototypes yourself. Even if you work in a team with a brilliant...

All I.T. people know that a good professional is always evolving and looking for platforms to learn from. List of IT courses are on our website TechDoorbecause it is important to you. Every day programmers or IT beginners visit the page and look through training programmes and offers of different schools.

Tips for choosing an IT course in the catalogue

We've put together tips for you on how to choose the best education platform. 

Our website has IT course list Moldova. Familiarise yourself with each offer, go to the school's page and see what is on offer. At the very beginning you should see:

  • a list of the topics you will be studying;
  • term of study;
  • the result you're going to get.


If all of these criteria make the course suitable for you, go for it.

There's no point in going through all IT courses Moldova. If you know specifically what field you want to work in, ask experienced people what knowledge you need to start successfully. After that, find a platform that will give it to you. 

  • Don't fall for one-day courses. Promises to master the programme in three days and become successful developeris, to put it mildly, false. In the IT field, you need to know a lot and practise knowledge to start working on your own.
  • Are they happy all IT schools to work in Moldova? Sometimes this option is possible, when a company trains staff for its needs and offers cooperation after the course. But this is not promised by all platforms, so if you are worried about a job, take a look at this page IT vacancies on our website and be sure to find the right one for you.
  • You can tell how good a particular school is by looking at course reviews. If there are many of them and they are all positive, then you should study there too. Also evaluate the school's website. If it is uncomfortable, then you are unlikely to learn how to make sites better from this platform, look for another option.
  • By studying IT course catalogue, Pay attention to the personality of the teachers. Employees of leading IT companies produce excellent professionals. Join the best. You can find out who the best are by attending a marathon, a seminar or a IT conference, The programme is organised by the Ministry of Labour and Social Protection of the Russian Federation.
  • Programming is a demanding profession that requires knowledge in a variety of areas, including language skills. Take courses that offer additional information, access to information channels, manuals and how-to guides.

All IT courses in Moldova on TechDoor

On our site there are many offers from schools in Moldova with an international name and impeccable reputation. Here you can find the opportunity to become programmer on different programmes, study marketing, management, design, information technology. 

Schools open enrolment for children and adults, because you can become an IT specialist at any age and get a new profession, additional income and hobby. Our TechDoor website is the most convenient platform for programmers and marketers. We help to communicate with each other, learn, find IT courses, jobs and develop in the IT industry.

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